The Ultimate Ottawa Pregnancy and Parenting Resource Guide

Table of contents

•Breastfeeding resources

•Find a Midwife

•Maternity, birth and newborn photography

•Car Seat Safety

•Cloth Diapering


•Parent’s Groups

•LGBT Family Resources

•Aboriginal Family Resources

•Pregnant or Parenting Teens and Youth


•Adoption and Abortion

•Mental Health and Addiction

•Domestic Violence


              Breastfeeding Resources

(For more information on breastfeeding in Ottawa, click here.)

Lactation Consulting

-View free breastfeeding support drop in schedules

-Janet Allingham RN, BScN, IBCLC, MA

(613) 293-7405

-Rawya Abdalla MBBCH, MSC, CRGS, RDMS,         IBCLC

(613) 265-4656

-Fleur Bickford BSN, RN, IBCLC

(613) 797-9040

-Milkface Lactation Services

445 Churchill Ave

(613) 569-1170

Pump Rentals

-Milkface Lactation Services (Medela+Ameda)

445 Churchill Ave

(613) 596-1170

-Susan Nolan RN, MScN, IBCLC (Medela)

(613) 739-7370

-Monarch Centre

152 Cleopatra Drive Suite 106

(613) 627-0795

City Wide Rental Locations

-Jean Coutu

-Ottawa Medical Supply

-Shopper’s Home Healthcare

-Fab Baby Gear

-White Cross Dispensary


                            Find A Midwife

-Midwifery Group of Ottawa

265 Carling Ave

(613) 729-9957

-Midwifery Collective of Ottawa

297 Olmstead St

(613) 730-2323

-Ottawa South Midwives

4112 Albion Rd

(613) 822-6646

-East Ottawa Midwives

2575 Innes Rd

(613) 745-1711

-Ottawa Valley Midwives

1 Costello Drive #1

(613) 253-3148

-Community Midwives of Ottawa

2260 Walkley Rd

(613) 260-1441


  Newborn, Maternity and Birth Photography

-Taylor Ashley

-Erika Godin

(613) 462-6121

-Shanna DaSilva

-Breathe In Photography

-Charlotte Northrope Photography

-Michele Steiner Photography


                             Car Seat Safety

-Bestfit Car Seat Program

(613) 238-1513

-Seats for Kids

-Safe and Sound

-Chartreuse Industries

(613) 851-1619


                            Diaper Services

-Ottawa Cloth Diaper Service

-Ottawa Cloth Diaper

-Happy Nappy

                            Diaper Shopping

-Extraordinary Baby Shoppe

1131 Wellington St W

(613) 321-7249

-3 Little Monkeys

1150 Bank St

(613) 733-3993


                     Baby Wearing Shopping



-Extraordinary Baby Shoppe

1131 Wellington St W

(613) 321-7249

-Belly Laughs

A20-300 Earl Grey Drive

(613) 963-0711


   Parent’s Groups

-Baby Group at Parent Resource Center

  300 Goulburn Private

  (613) 565-2467 x226

-Mom and Baby @ Mommy Connections Orleans

-Breastfeeding Buddies

  (613) 580-6744

-Village Mommy

-Babywearing Group


LGBT Family Resources

-Around the Rainbow

-KIND Space

  (613) 563-4818 x222

-Gender Mosaic

-Ten Oaks Project

  (613) 614-1537


Aboriginal Family Services

-Aboriginal Women’s Health

-Kumik Elders

  (819) 953-2913

-Makonsag Aboriginal Head Start

  149 King George St

  (613) 724-5844

-Ottawa Inuit Children’s Care

  (613) 744-3133 x232

-Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health

  299 Montreal Rd

  (613) 748-0654


Teen and Youth Pregnancy or Parenting

-St Mary’s Home

  780 L’Eglise St

  (613) 749-2491

-Ottawa Young Parents

  (613) 749-4584


-Youville Centre

  (613) 231-5150

-MotherCraft Ottawa

  (613) 728-1839



-Bereaved Families of  Ontario

  308-211 Bronson Ave

  (613) 567-4278

-Compassionate Friends

  31 Maple Hill Way

  (613) 241-1266

-Pail Network


Remembrance Photography

-Taylor Ashley

-Erika Godin

 (613) 462-6121

-Shanna DaSilva

-Julie Hearty

-Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep



-Adoption CAS

-Adoption Ottawa

-Adoption Council of Canada


-The Morgantaler Clinic

  65 Bank St

  (613) 567-8300

-Women’s Health Clinic

  (613) 761-4921


Mental Health and Addictions Support

-The Mothers Program Smoking Information

-Mother Risk (safety information while pregnant and breastfeeding)

 1-877-439-2744 Motherrisk Helpline

 1-877-327-4636 Alcohol and Substance

 1-800-436-8477 Morning Sickness

 1-888-246-5840 HIV and HIV Treatment

-Canadian Mental Health Association

  301-1355 Bank St

  (613) 737-7791

-Crossroads Children’s Centre

  1755 Courtwood Crescent

  (613) 723-1623

-Hopewell Eating Disorders

  202-153 Chapel St

  (613) 241-3428

-MOMS group (postpartum mood disorders)

  312 Parkdale Ave

  (613) 725-3601 x117

-Postpartum Depression Psychotherapy at Capital Choice Counselling


Where to Reach Out When You Don’t Feel Safe

-Women’s Abuse Program



-Interval House

  (613) 234-5181

-Harmony House

  (613) 233-3386

-Catholic Family Services

  (613) 233-8478

-Immigrant Women’s Services

  (613) 729-3145

-Jewish Family Services

  (613) 722-2225

-Minwaashin Lodge (aboriginal women)

  (613) 998-4888

-Ottawa Victim Services

  (613) 238-2762 x226


Please feel free to share or print, providing the list is not altered and credit is given to Sophia the Doula. Contact at or learn more on Facebook at Sophia the Doula. Feel free to comment if you feel an important service is missing, or if I’ve listed your service and you’d like me to remove your listing.


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